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Our signature mastering engine has been carefully crafted in-house to bring the most out of your music. We don't use any 3rd party hardware or software, allowing us to apply advanced audio signal processing techniques that rival the most expensive professional equipment. All of this for FREE. Mastering your album online has never sounded so good.
Signature Mastering Engine
Unprecedented dynamics and layering
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No account or sign-up needed
Instant Gratification
Tracks mastered in minutes
Feel The Music
Bass and sub-bass enhancement
Hear Every Detail
Ballistic multiband compression
Perfect Balance
Linear phase equalization
Wider Sound Stage
Stereo enhancement
Precise Level and Loudness
Level adjustment and limiting
Professional Quality
Support for up to 32 bits/48 kHz stereo
Free Your Music
Uncompressed WAVs are always included
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Q: What is mastering?
Mastering is the final stage in the production process. Through a combination of techniques including compression, equalization, limiting, and other adjustments, a track is dynamically enhanced to meet its full potential. A mastered track is ready for distribution.
Q: How does your processing work?
When you upload a track, it's sent to our private servers for processing. Our custom audio processing engine masters your track, applying a variety of techniques including bass and sub-bass enhancement, stereo-linked multiband compression, linear phase equalization, gain and limiting, and stereo enhancement to widen the sound stage. This produces a signature sound based on the way that we have developed and tuned the process.
Q: Why is this free?
This website and service exists out of a passion and love for music, music-making, and audio signal processing. Just as artists around the world make their work available to be enjoyed, we make our services available so that those artists can make the most of their music. We love it, and we hope you do too.
Q: Can I sell my mastered tracks?
Absolutely. You retain full commercial rights to your mastered tracks. You don't even need to credit us. Ever.
Q: Are my tracks stored?
Uploaded tracks are removed from our server within 72 hours.
Q: Can this replace a mastering studio?
No instant online mastering service can claim to replace the work of a skilled mastering engineer. Our objective is to provide quality masters that should satisfy the needs of many artists quickly and affordably. We expect that our service will be most suited to those who aren't looking to work with a professional mastering engineer just yet, artists who want to improve their sound before posting their music online, and those who want to know what their music could sound like quickly and affordably. If you're just about to master your demo, or don't have the experience with mastering to take your music to the next level, we can help.
Q: What's the difference between your service and other instant online mastering services?
Just as different mastering engineers can be expected to master the same track differently, instant online mastering services will each sound different. We have our own signature sound based on the way that we have developed and tuned our mastering engine. If you want to get a better sense for what that sound is, you can upload your track for FREE to find out. Beyond this, there are at least a few other differences that we are proud to deliver:

We include unlimited mastering and access to your mastered WAV files without any charges. This allows you to generate the files you need for distribution, or make further tweaks without any loss in quality. No recurring subscriptions fees or tiered pricing. 100% FREE.

Rather than relying on any 3rd party hardware or software, we have developed our mastering engine from scratch with support for up to 32 bits/48 kHz stereo audio. Developed with audio enhancement in mind, this has allowed us to approach mastering without any limitations. We build our own tools and mastering chain in-house including both a pre-mastering track analysis stage and an incredibly fast real-time signal processing engine. We've started at the track level and built upwards for a truly unique mastering experience that you're going to love.

Finally, MajorDecibel is independently owned and operated by the developer behind the service. This means that we're listening, and constantly evolving to deliver an all-star service to musicians and artists around the world. You will not be spammed with advertising emails, and we won't insist that you send out a tweet every time you use our service. We take pride in doing things differently.

Q: Do I need to prepare my tracks?
Make sure to export your tracks in WAV format, which allows us to deliver the highest quality masters possible. We also recommend that you don't perform any dynamic processing on your tracks before uploading. We do not apply any active noise reduction techniques, so providing us with the best possible recordings will produce optimal results.
Q: Is there a limit to the length of track I can master?
We do our best to remove any restrictions on what our service can handle, and you are limited only by what our server can handle. Currently we can support tracks up to 500MB in size that can be uploaded based on your local internet connection within 10 minutes. This is done to ensure that our mastering engine remains free for other artists. You are never queued. Our server supports concurrent mastering up to several artists which happens often. During periods of high concurrent use you might notice that mastering takes a slightly longer time. If you are having trouble with uploading your tracks, please contact us and we will do everything we can to help.
Q: What audio formats do you accept?
Currently, we accept WAV files at 16, 24, and 32 bits at 44.1, and 48 kHz sample rates. Perfect for CD quality or higher. Your uploaded tracks must be WAV files, allowing us to master at the highest quality. There are many types of WAV files, and we try to support most.
Q: What audio formats do I get?
We generate OGG, FLAC, and WAV files of your mastered track. All of these file formats are provided; there are no additional charges for uncompressed WAV. They are always included for FREE. You can use your WAV file to generate any file format you need for distribution. OGG is a royalty-free, arguably higher quality alternative to MP3 that is supported by many playback devices and online services. While this is a lossy compressed format like MP3, most people won't be able to hear the difference. It's a file format that's perfect for sharing and distributing. We generate OGG at 320 kbit/s, which is a high bitrate that maximizes audio quality. Accept nothing less. FLAC is also a royalty-free format supported by many playback devices. This is a lossless compressed format of the highest quality, perfect for audiophiles with high end systems. These are large files, but they sound great. WAV is a completely lossless and uncompressed format that we use for mastering. If you want to do any further editing, or generate other formats, this is the file you want. For the same reasons, this is the only file format we accept for mastering.
Q: Why don't you support MP3?
We believe in audio freedom. OGG is a royalty-free alternative that meets and in most cases exceeds the audio quality of MP3, and which is supported by almost every audio player. We're confident that you're going to fall in love with OGG. If you require MP3, we provide every user with an uncompressed WAV version of their mastered tracks. You can use this format with many software packages to generate MP3, or any other file format you might need for distribution.
Q: Can I change the way my mastered tracks sound?
Our FREE online mastering service has been designed to work without any controls. We also offer a customization service which allows us to make tuning adjustments to the engine tailored specifically to your music—a competitive industry first that we are proud to deliver to independent artists everywhere.
Q: I own a mastering studio. Can I use your service to master tracks for my clients?
As per our Terms of Service use is limited to single artists or bands only. This allows us to deliver a fast, FREE online mastering service to the audience that we aim to serve. With that said, you are welcome to contact us as we may be able to make a special arrangement to accommodate your needs.
Q: Who is behind MajorDecibel?
MajorDecibel is unique in that every aspect of our service has been developed and continues to be maintained by one developer with years of experience in deploying custom audio processing solutions. This service grew out of passion for music and operates, quite literally, underground. Maintaining a very high-quality, affordable, open service to all artists is our vision. Your satisfaction is our number one priority, and we will do everything that we can to make your experience an incredible one.
Q: Do you collaborate with artists?
We love to get feedback from artists and we try to incorporate it when possible. We also feature select music at our discretion and with the permission of the artist. And of course, we love to promote your work! Send us an email if you are interested.
Not finding what you're looking for? Reach out to us directly.